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Breathe easier with our Business-Buster Refresher strategy!


Welcome to Ad Giants


We've been working with Lori to present a special offer for your Chamber members!

We all know marketing is really important for your business, but also expensive, time-consuming, and confusing. Having your own ad agency could solve it, but it's WAY too expensive, right?

Not anymore.

Here's what your Chamber gets when you try Ad Giants on for size:

• Register for FREE, zero obligations

• You're assigned an actual advertising veteran with decades of experience

• You get two FREE phone consultations

• They deliver a FREE Marketing Plan

• If at that time you don't seed the value you bring, you walk, no harm or foul

• If you like it, we have a low monthly subscription, no contracts, and your new account executive launches and runs your new plan for you, and our vast network of fulfillment partners execute the plan tactics at pennies on the dollar.

You can also join a live demo prior to registering!

Expert in your pocket.png

Our Demo will cover:

• Who we are and why that's important

• How it all works

• Our core benefits

• Customer Examples

• Pricing VS Return On Investment

• Plenty of Q & A

Webinar Presenters



David Farmer | CEO


Greg Alban | COO

Choose a date and time that works with your busy schedule!


10:30 AM CST
30 Minutes
Zoom Meeting


2:00 PM CST
30 Minutes
Zoom Meeting

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