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Can you handle it?

Okay, we need to talk.

Sure, we'll be called "sell-outs" but we didn't start this company to be popular with the competition. We started it to blow them away. On your behalf! If you've ever taken advice, please, take it now!

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Oh, you need a killer site. We use Wordpress, anything else is a toy. But it costs money, we have a monthly hosting package that awesome. The site is only $2,500.00, and hosting is only $250.00/month!

What we do:

What they say:


We can give you hundreds of designs to choose from. All for only a few bucks! We have great designers you can take hours to search through to then launch a bid for your job. Doesn't that sound awesome? Just what you want to do with all your spare time.


You need a great site. We use Wix, because it's more secure, easier to use and costs a ton less* with hosting packages starting at only $250.00/year! Not to mention, Wordpress is the most hacked platform on the planet.

*Complete website builds starting at $1,250.00

  • Original design 

  • No templates

  • All SEO

  • Image Sourcing

  • Basic Copywriting

  • Search Indexing

  • Training


Hands down, your logo is WAY more important than you probably think it is. And how good are those hundreds of designs going to be? Heard of clip art? People telling you your logo is pretty? Here's one, is it smart? Does it tell people in a glance what you do? We have logo designers that work on some of the biggest brands in the world during the day who work with us because they love creating incredible work.

  • No clip art

  • No job bidding

  • Dedicated, vetted designer with skills

  • Three concepts to choose from

  • Good luck they're all awesome

  • Full branding kit with all file types

  • Usage guidelines

Social Media

Our packages and professionals are independent contractors that have amazing talent. Look through multitudes of portfolios and manage the entire creation process! We've got some fantastic monthly packages that do your social media pages header art! Oh! You wanted actual content?

Social Media

Of all media types, this is probably the most affordable and effective way to build your brand and generate income. Period. Of everything you'll do, having powerful and interesting content is where you need to be. Oh, and yes, we do header art for all platforms at no charge. Sigh...

  • Original campaigns

  • Monthly content creation packages anyone can afford

  • Memes, video, reels, carousels, and more

  • Influencer affiliations

  • Monthly calendaring

  • Community management

100% of businesses need these three things to be in the game at all

Brochures & Flyers

These are a great way to market your business. Our designers are really great at creating beautiful collateral and we can even handle your printing services!

Brochures & Flyers

Very few businesses actually need these. Not to mention, what about the content? The imagery, the copywriting, and even more importantly, the concept that pulls people in? Just like direct mail, much of this is no more than junk mail to people, UNLESS you have an incredible offer that makes them keep and use it.

  • Solid Strategy

  • Original concepts

  • Great design

  • Copywriting

  • Image sourcing

  • Yes, we print too

Business Cards

Take your brand to the next level with a beautifully designed business card!

Business Cards

We create cards that honestly have people say "man, that's a cool card" when you had it to someone. The point is, not every business needs a card these days. If you do need one, our work literally speaks for itself every time you give one out.

  • Incredible design

  • Unique sizing

  • Luxury papers

  • Premium quality

  • Partners with Moo

Illustration & Photography

We have great illustrators that create art for ads, books, websites, greeting cards and more! Photography? Um, we don't have that.

Illustration & Photography

We have great illustrators too. And while that's good, most people need photography. Whether it's original content or stock, we excel in both areas with art directors that sync the concept exactly with the imagery to make your message even stronger. Not just an image for image sake. Imagery is hands down one of the keys to having great branding! It's not just an add on like others tell you, it's instrumental to the overall concept and should be treated as such.

  • Network of commercial photographers

  • Exclusive access to private stock imagery created by these same photographers

  • Art directors that meld your concept with imagery

  • All very affordable


Search through hundreds of great package designers we offer to create incredible packaging for your product!


Packaging is obviously very important. But you don't search through hundreds of designers to find hidden gems, we have dedicated people with decades of experience creating packaging for companies like Coca-Cola Foods, Birds-Eye, Nike, and many more. Your product wins or loses on the shelf, and we give it the best chance to dominate with experience-driven placement strategies!

  • Proven designers

  • Strategic placement planning for design

  • Multiple choices

  • Manufacturing connections to produce end product

This is just a small example of the insights we provide. We're not here just to sell you stuff, we're here to grow you. And honesty like this, based on real-world knowledge, is what every business gets with Ad Giants.

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"Our Chamber has hundreds of members. Turning them onto Ad Giants has been the best thing we've ever done for our local businesses!"

Lori Williams | Executive Director | Mansfield, TX

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