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Nothing speaks the truth better than success.

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We've served a very wide variety of businesses and industries. From restaurants, to dry cleaners, to products, large manufacturers, even not-for-profits!

Here's a small sample of case studies that demonstrate Ad Giants leadership, talent, influence and powerful business results!

Handy Camel Logo
Handy Isle Cap Garden
Camel Side Kick

The Handy Camel Challenge

  • New Zealand sheep farmer/inventor/entrepreneur

  • Discovered a robust bag clip from another inventor 

  • Decided to leverage the clip and market it much stronger 

  • Strikes a deal and begins marketing the product

  • Creates the first generation of branding on their own

Ad Giants Solution

  • New Logo

  • New Website

  • New Packaging

  • New Product Displays

  • Social Media Campaign

  • Launch Strategy

  • Dealer Presentations

  • Event Planning

Kingsford Facebook Ad
Facebook Ad for kingsford


  • Got into multiple major retailers

  • QVC Appearances

  • Quickly built business revenue

  • Sold successful business

  • Bought a sheep farm


"My guy at Ad Giants wasn't just some person to do marketing, their influence impacted my decisions well beyond just marketing and helped us get to where we dreamed of going faster!"
Tom Gray | Founder

Romational Logo


  • Incredible new app

  • Focused on creating a "Romantic IQ"

  • Wanted to increase the brand value aesthetically

  • Needed an entire overhaul

  • No real marketing launch plan once completed

Ad Giants Solution

  • New Logo

  • New Website

  • New App interface

  • Strategic Plan

  • Social Media Campaign

  • Launch Strategy

  • Influencer Presentations

  • Event Planning

Romational iPhone
mobile phone
mobile phone

"I've always had a creative itch, and I knew what I wanted my app to be in my head, but it was my relationship with Ad Giants that brought it to life and helped us to create a totally unique new tool."
Dave Patzwald | Creator


  • Helped the client secure a meeting with the largest company in this space for a potential purchase of the app! Go Dave Go!

City of Mansfield, Texas

  • Do something unique

  • Attract families and businesses

  • Use social media to dominate

  • Give us something that has "legs to it"

New Mansfield Logo

Ad Giants Solution

  • New Campaign Logo

  • Episodic Campaign

  • Improv Actors

  • Unscripted Situations

  • Original music

  • Dominate Social Media

  • Direct Mail

  • Developer Presentations

Mansfield postcard

"Selling a city isn't glamourous. I heard about Ad Giants and thought why not see what these big agency guys can do at a price we can afford. Needless to say, the campaign is unlike anything ever done. Win!"
Jason Moore | Manager

Mansfield advertising
Mansfield advert
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