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The real deal.

They've got swagger and chops like you've never seen.

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Ever seen "Mad Men?"  We're talking professionals that come from elite backgrounds in advertising and who've played at the highest levels. Times have changed and Ad Giants has shifted the game so you have access to the best players at pricing that's ridiculous.

Still not convinced? Here's a small taste of brands these folks have not just worked on, but created the strategies for:

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We provide proven, experiential knowledge

  • What do all of your products come with?
    On this site, we present a logo process and show you samples of our work. We also list every other marketing tactic we fulfill at Ad Giants. Your consultant will present each one he feels is right for you and never try to push a tactic that you don't need. We respect smaller budgets by trying our best to make the most with the least!
  • At what point do I commit?
    After your second call, you'll be asked your thoughts and if you want to move forward to begin working together. If you do, you simply subscribe to release your plan and allow you to begin purchasing our deeply discounted packages! Again, if after a month it's not what you need, no harm no foul, it was great getting the chance to earn your business!
  • What's the most expensive thing you sell?
    It depends. Vehicle wraps are clearly costly, but effective, but not everyone needs that. For most people, your website will be your biggest investment. Our most expensive package is about $1,750.00. And that includes the following: design, build, SEO, writing content, sourcing imagery/retouching, social media connectivity, and training. We use the Wix platform exclusively. Your consultant will tell you why..oh yeah, because it's the best! And it's a platform our customers enjoy working on themselves once the site is built if need be.
  • How often do I connect with my consultant?
    At least twice a month. In the smartphone or one application, we have chat as well. Most customers enjoy being able to communicate and share as often as they want using this valuable feature.
  • What if I'd like to quit?
    Hey, that happens for a variety of reason, and seldom is it because our customers are unhappy with us. (In fact never yet, knock on wood) Some customers have seasonal businesses so stop[ping makes sense. No matter what, stop at any time by logging into your account and select unsubscribe. We'll be here when you're ready to come back ya'll!
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