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We start with you.

It's your business, and above all else, our job is to help your business grow as you envision it growing. Here's our process:

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Ad Giants Marketing Factoid

Each business is unique regardless of the industry they're in. Before creating marketing, it's best to know your personal goals for the business. Do you want to be the biggest in your area? The biggest in your state? Do you want to ultimately franchise? All of this matters because it directly effects how you should be marketed to reach those goals.



First expert call

After you register for free, you set up a call where one of our experts spends 30 minutes with you going over all aspects of your business.

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Second expert call

On your second 30-minute call, your expert will present your new marketing plan and explain the strategy, along with any suggested tactics.



After a total of one hour with your consultant at no cost, and a free marketing plan, you'll have a really good idea if you want to move forward and start executing the plan itself!





No Contracts

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That's it! You now have a full-service ad agency, driven for you by an experienced professional.

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