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Breathe easier with our Covid-Buster Business Refresher strategy!

Chamber President


Marathon Runner

Leading is never a sprint.

An opinion from David Farmer | CEO of Ad Giants


We live in a world, especially in business, where people feel if positive change doesn't happen fast enough, you've failed. All of us are familiar with dozens of success stories in business that literally took decades if not generations to finally reach their peak performance. But sadly, our society is now filled with "instant gratification" tolerance, and it's just not realistic.

Running a Chamber of Commerce is by design set in the middle of this storm of expectations. It's hard!

So, how can we all face change and growth realistically while still demonstrating value, positivity, and results? Like anything else constructive, it takes having a very clear plan of attack. And with it comes the management of expectations through consistent communication points and frequency of that message. Where do you even begin?

1. Diversity

No, not that kind of diversity, I'm talking about the diversity of businesses. As the leader of the Chamber, there's no single solution to help every business. You're forced to find resources and information that is general enough that every member can pull something from it. Wouldn't it be great to be able to speak to every single business category individually with valuable advice and solutions?

There's a solution for that.

Billy 42.png

2. Retention

Keeping members involved and feeling like you're delivering real value to their business is truly difficult. (See Point 1) Covid-19 hasn't just thrown us all a curveball, it's more like a wrecking ball! This means, your members need more help than ever before. Profits, costs and treading water impale people daily, and they're turning to you for answers.

There's been an emergence of guest speakers that can again, speak broadly to entrepreneurs on how to avoid the casualties of this pandemic and continue to stay afloat, but this isn't personalized. Members have to glean whatever they can for their business models and somehow try to figure out how to implement such advice. But without guidance at the personal level, most get frustrated and walk away. There's a solution for that.

Listen, Bob, every business has challenges! The daily grind for a restaurant, real estate broker, plumber, car repair shop, tutor, etc. is ALL the same!

(Said no one ever)

When it rains, it pours.

3. Effectiveness

Nothing speaks louder than results. You can lead all day long, but what counts is personal success. You took this job because you feel you can help others and you want to. There's nothing more noble or unselfish about the role of Chamber leadership. But you quickly realize you cannot be everything to all people, and that's where creating a vetted network of trusted partners around you helps accomplish your goals for your Chamber!

Marketing isn't just pretty pictures and clever headlines. Actually, great advertising is way more than that, because marketing success starts and ends with insightful strategies for each individual business model. It relies on a complete understanding of how the business works, makes money, sets goals, services customers. Unless a business has been led properly by a true marketing strategist, you fall into the suck-hole of tactics, like one-off ads, catchphrases, and worthless content.

Almost everything in any business is impacted by a marketing strategy because they are all co-dependant on each other to work. There's a solution for that.

Here's how we can help you.

We're not contacting you to be "your new agency" or poach your membership. We're honestly here to help you. Strategically, effortlessly and effectively. 

We're partnering with Chambers of all sizes, all over the country. And there's a good reason they partner with us because they listened and so did we. If you can spare just 15 minutes, we can demonstrate our program to you, and how we effectively engage with you, add HUGE value to your Chamber office itself, and also to your membership. We've created a win-win-win scenario.

Stop running and start relying on a true partner. Thanks for your time.

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