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Smartfluence is a data-driven platform that connects your business to brand influencers, giving you the ability to promote your goods and services to an entirely new audience. The platform elevates your brand by using artificial intelligence to create influencer strategies that match your overall marketing plan.

Micro • influencers to help promote your business.

These days, we need every tool we can get our hands on to help us promote and capture the attention of potential customers. Especially during all of this craziness! Our partners at Smartfluence have created a totally unique platform that allows businesses to engage with local influencers by industry, all at prices anyone can afford.

And with your Ad Giants consultant managing the implementation, you'll get reports back as to the development and success of each campaign.


Package Features:
- Unlimited influencer searches through the platform
- 200 influencer contact outreach
- 200 audience reports (sample attached to this email)
- Full influencer outreach management
- Predictive campaign analytics

All for only $250 a month, no contracts!

Ask your consultant about this very special tactic today.

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