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Get "Liked" more.

Is your social media "social" or just "media?"

An opinion from David Farmer | CEO of Ad Giants


We're all so quick to get new posts out there for people to absorb that we don't stop to think about "what" we're posting. Content drives the day, but if it's simply content for content's sake, you lose. By putting more thought into the "social nature" of our content, it stands a better chance to actually gain traction and be "social" in every sense of the word.

A great way to begin is by just asking yourself what are the kind of posts you respond to favorably? What catches your attention to the point that you'll click past the headline to learn more? Is it comedy, imagery, video? Great social media posts have specific things in common.


Social Media Checklist

1. Is it only funny to you?

2. Is humor the way to go?

3. If you do use humor, did you push it all the way?

4. Are you roasting a celebrity and is that okay to do?

5. Is it in good taste?

6. Would it be better using video?

7. Do you have permission to use that image?

8. Is there an action item to pull people back to you?

9. Are you using the right platform to reach your target?

10. Is it something others will want to share?

(11. Don't use quotes, people hate quotes)

Admit it when you can't create great content.

Like most things, there's tricks to the trade. Creating content doesn't seem like it would be hard, especially because posts are typically very short. But creating something short, to the point, creative and memorable is even harder. Yet, when you start looking for a great creative person who specializes in Social Media, there's typically a huge cost associated with it.

At Ad Giants, we have incredible creative people who don't just write fantastic copy for social media, they produce fantastic radio, television commercials, ads, etc. These are true advertising veterans that have published work you've probably seen. Why not have one of them creating your content for social media, but at pricing you can afford? 

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