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Beyond Public Relations.

We've created a new platform unlike any before, ready to help your business expand and grow in a variety of ways. And it costs NOTHING to be a part of it? New services for your customers, new clients for you, all in one place. Grow with Ad Giants!

Finally, a partnership that actually has real benefits.

You've spent years growing your list of clients, but you're exhausted working 80+ hours every week to get everything done. Your clients hire you because they expect the quality work you provide, but they could also need other services that you don't currently provide. Rather than having your clients look for alternative resources to provide what they need, get ahead of them by becoming an Ad Giants affiliate agency!
There are two distinct methods to achieve this;
• Pull together and try to manage a small group of independent freelancers to fill those gaps. (Inefficient use of your time)
• Partner with Ad Giants who can transparently and seamlessly fill the need for you, allowing you to focus more on your clients.
Check out Lure Creative Design, one of our newest partners...

We took a very complex collection of processes and streamlined it.

Ad Giants was built entirely by advertising veterans. After two years of intense Beta discovery and trial, we have perfected this new application of marketing services. As one of our Agency Partners, you will have a powerful dashboard/platform to manage each of your customers and every aspect of your agency's product output. 

Small Business Strategy
Small Business Strategy

Our system echos the complete workflow of an ad agency so you remain nimble, dealing only with the clients and their needs. You get a powerful but simple customer CRM that provides just the right amount of automation to make scaling a breeze.

Small Business Strategy
Small Business Strategy

Vetted talent and resources that always come through.

Ad Giants has sought out and formed incredible partnerships to bring you the best possible products and services at the lowest possible pricing. Innovative new technologies in marketing that are ahead of where most people feel they can afford to be. Fixed pricing that you can then markup for even more profits, while still staying competitive. Your business should never settle and always expect the best.

If it's marketing, we've got the solution.

Small Business Strategy
Small Business Strategy

Traditional Marketing


Ad Campaigns



Business Cards


Design Services

Direct Mail




Menu Design


Small Business Strategy

Digital Marketing





Facebook Ads

Google Ads

Instagram Ads

Interactive Promotions

Referral Programs

Loyalty Programs

Sales Kits


Social Media

Small Business Strategy

Advanced Marketing


Booth Design


Media Placement


Public Relations




Sports Marketing

Specialty & Promo

Focus Groups


Think you can handle even more clients? From us?

Here's an even bigger advantage to joining Ad Giants, you can get more customers! We have a very active funnel with hundreds of small businesses subscribing daily. Many of them come from local Chambers of Commerce, so they're actually fairly sophisticated business people. If this interests you, we can talk further about our system, how you ingest new customers and how you provide services to them using the system.

Any questions?

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