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This is Paula Newlands

Paula Newlands Stylist

Business Overview


Paula has a rich career background in the fashion industry, beginning with being a top model herself, and then transitioning into the personal styling area, working for some of the largest, elite fashion retailers in the country. She recently made the decision to break out and start her own brand and to push her styling sensibility to the next level, using upwardly-mobile clients in North Texas as her canvas.


• Personal Stylists are often seen as glorified shoppers

• Clients are scarce because many use the retailer themselves to shop

• Many retailers have their own "solution" for personal styling

• The area has quite a few other personal stylists to compete against

Tactics & Final Product

Below are just a few examples of executions we created based on the marketing plan.

New Logos & Branding Elements

New Website with Analytics, SEO, and eCommerce

Sales & Event Materials


Ad Giants Has filled a huge hole that Paula needed resolved in order to correctly promote herself. She also feels very strongly about her "partnership" with her consultant and often relies on him to be a business consultant as well, providing guidance, suggestions and connections outside the marketing area. In a very short time, Paula has seen a completely new business model begin to turn heads and gain new customers!

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