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Breathe easier with our Covid-Buster Business Refresher strategy!

Declining Memberships?

We're all facing a new reality.

An opinion from David Farmer | CEO of Ad Giants


As if the Pandemic didn't paralyze businesses enough, how people evaluate the "value" local Chambers provide has forced people to shift monies into areas they feel can help more. So how can you go up against this and maintain your membership from forced-attrition? 

From a marketing perspective, it's clear why there's a trend in this direction. Chambers naturally provide an environment of success through events, professional gatherings, expert speakers, etc., but with the limitations imposed on us all, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out Chambers desperately need to add value in ways membership appreciates. The one thing most important to your members is sustained and predictable growth, and customers. In one hand, I have my limited funds to stay a member, and in the other, the thought of those monies being used to create marketing to attract business.

We have a way to help them do both. We work with your Chamber to create a solid strategy where it's a win-win for both of you. Sounds like what everyone else says, but we wouldn't be getting so manyf Chambers joining us in just a few short months unless they saw the difference we can make, for you and your members! Here's an interesting article that adds other ideas for consideration.

Screen Shot 2021-04-19 at 2.18.51 PM.png

Some actionable advice to correct your course and retain membership better.

Here's how we can help you.

We know you're hit with marketing people and firms all of the time! That makes it very hard for us to break through, gain your interest and trust us enough to hear our story. We don't just help you and your member create websites, logos, marketing materials. Sure, those things are important, but what we excel at is SOLVING BUSINESS PROBLEMS! We think differently.

You and your members can receive unparalleled input from strategic consultants with decades of advertising experience, who begin with the real-life challenges you all have, and then create a plan that will actually work, even in the times of this darn pandemic! This isn't some bait and switch. Our mission is to help businesses who struggle to find a way, to think differently and to overcome these hardships. And we do it very well, and the strategic part is actually FREE!

Take a meeting with us, let us prove your preconceived notions wrong. I guarantee we will. We're not here to "harvest your list or prey upon your members," we're here to truly add unique perspective and solve problems.

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