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From the mind of a New Zealand sheep farmer.


This is Tom & Amy Gray

Founders of Make 48 & Handy Camel

Business Overview


New Zealand sheep farmers/inventors/entrepreneurs

Discovered a robust bag clip from another inventor around the world

Decided to leverage the clip and market it much stronger than it currently was

Strikes a deal and begins marketing the product

Creates the first generation of branding on their own


• Beginner branding

• Limited marketing strategy

• Limited or effective sales materials

• Random and inconsistent marketing

Tactics & Final Product

Below are just a few examples of executions we created based on the marketing plan.

New Logos, Business Cards, Stickers, etc.

New Website with Analytics, SEO, and eCommerce

Sales Materials | Digital Ad Campaign

In-Store Product Display Design

Professional Photo Shoot | Shots were used for website, promotions, and sales pieces

and much, much more.


Handy Camel and Make 48 continue to succeed and our relationship shares a mutual goal of continued excellence for everyone involved. Make 48 is quickly becoming the gold standard for competitive invention events. Tom and Amy are class people with a passion that is infectious and unstoppable. It's our honor to participate and contribute to their ultimate success.

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