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Ad Giants dove right in to help our branding, and our membership.

Ad Giants Customer

This is Laura Mitchell

President | Lake Travis Chamber

Business Overview



The Lake Travis Chamber has a substantial membership, and they're always looking for new partners that can add value to those businesses. Being a well-established Chamber, it was also time to take a hard look at their branding too. They signed up with Ad Giants to be client first, and then possibly promote Ad Giants to their entire membership.


• Everyone wants access to the chamber members

• Chambers role is to add business value and help members grow

• Being skeptical is part of their job, but so is being open to change

Tactics & Final Product

Below are just a few examples of executions we created based on the marketing plan.

Ad Giants
Ad Giants

New Campaign that promotes the Chamber and its members!

Click on the image to magnify


"Wow, just wow! The Ad Giants team has transformed our brand and increased our engagement by over 40%! The new-look is seriously turning heads; it's so unique, funny, and effective! Ad Giants is one of the Chamber's endorsed partners and they've already helped a number of our members be successful in their reach and effectiveness to their audiences. I HIGHLY recommend Ad Giants as your next and final marketing partner!"

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