Your new revenue horizon.

Ad Giants has created a simple pathway for increased franchisee revenue with little to no work.

Current Franchisee Situation

On average and based on 2020 numbers, the average Fast Signs location can generate around $86,992.00 a month in gross sales. (With the assistance of an outside sales person.) The average number of monthly customers isn't known so we cannot state with any confidence the average value of that customer.

The Ad Giants Model

Based on a 6-month pilot, the Ad Giants model and platform created the following income and recurring revenue with only 30 customers:

Average Monthly Revenue Per Customer


Average Package Order


Average Monthly Net Income Per Customer


*We feel we can prove the monthly value to be $250.00

Average Monthly Gross Revenue







Average Monthly Net Income


Breaking out the numbers for Fast Signs Franchisees.

  • Consultant receives 10% commission from gross package sales + $25 subscription per customer

  • Balance of subscription fee is $60 and goes to franchisee

  • Average margin per package is 20% | That margin goes to franchisee

  • Franchisee has no need for in-house designer/staff because Ad Giants can deliver better product just as quickly. Cut that significant expense from budget

  • Based one 250 customers per month, a franchisee can add $54,750 in net revenue per month

50 Customers = $10,950

100 Customers = $21,900

150 Customers = $32,850

200 Customers = $43,800

That would increase the average monthly income for one location to well over $125,000!

Benefits & Reality

  • Franchisee has solid option to eliminate an employee position and associated costs and challenges

  • Ad Giants system fills that gap and adds greater value, responsiveness and a higher level of talent

  • Ad Giants system provides a wider swath of marketing services currently unavailable but important to your customers; such as digital media, social media, website building, etc.

  • In-store marketing of the Ad Giants offering is basic and can be accomplished with simple signage and collateral

  • Fast Signs Business perception will broaden to "your local, affordable, full-service ad agency for small business"


Incorporating Ad Giants into your franchise system.

6 Month Pilot Program

  1. Identify franchisee participants. (We suggest no less than 12 to get a predictable sample, ranging from weak performers to top performers.)

  2. Create new POS for each location, including collateral

  3. Make big announcement of new partnership on location websites

  4. Create "Announcement Email Campaign" to existing customers

  5. Any other marketing tactics corporate uses to push customers to each location

Ad Giants Role.


This is where our partnership is key. Ad Giants will continue to source, train and manage all advertising consultants involved with our system. 

Vendor Partners.

Ad Giants will continue to source, manage, update and add new vendor partners throughout the entire process and beyond. Including:

Ad Campaigns



Business Cards


Design Services

Direct Mail




Menu Design





Facebook Ads

Google Ads

Instagram Ads

Interactive Promotions

Referral Programs

Loyalty Programs

Sales Kits


Social Media

Booth Design


Media Placement


Public Relations




Sports Marketing

Specialty & Promo

Focus Groups



Ad Giants will create monthly reports that cover all aspects of platform utility and customer purchases, as well as all customer-related data.

Taking the leap together.

Simple math.

David Farmer is the majority owner of the company, representing over 80% ownership. This approach is and was meant to be completely strategic. No bankers and private equity people involved. Just a straight-forward connection between two companies that can help each other.

That being said, the singular goal is to prove out the success of this additional business services expansion to your system and to verify the "per customer value." From there, we'll sit together to create multiples based on that customer value and make sensible projections to come up with a realistic value of what Ad Giants is worth as a potential acquisition for Propelled Brands.

Financial Projections & Proforma

Rather than simply post our model here, we request a quick zoom meeting to walk you through our actual model because of the complexity. We're happy to schedule a zoom meeting at your earliest convenience.

As always, we're here for any questions and ready to go! We look forward to next steps with our platform demo and a presentation to your selected franchisees!

Beyond the pilot.

We're prepared and look forward to success for both parties, and if we're in the position of going through with an acquisition, our entire team would remain in place to insure total success during a set transition period.