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We can name that tune in one note...and go!

Can I quit at any time?

Absolutely! We’re not a contract-driven subscription service. Our only goal is to help you sell better and get more customers. If we can’t do that to your satisfaction, then you are free to unsubscribe. But we are 100% confident you’ll experience the kind of success you’ve always imagined. There’s nothing to lose, trying us for FREE is simple!

What if you don’t have something I need?

If it’s marketing related, it’s nearly certain we’ll have it. And if we don’t, we’ll know how and where to source it for you. Our consultants have decades of experience working across all media types and all marketing disciplines; so regardless of the product or service, we’ll know how to source what you need.

How can you get such great pricing?

We have long-standing relationships with the marketing industry’s most reputable vendors. Because of that, we are able to negotiate volume deals with marketing service providers and pass those savings along to you. So, you get top-quality services at affordable rates that you’ll likely not find on your own.

Where do you source your creative talent?

Whether it's designing a logo, building websites or executing a focus group, our vendor partners have been vetted and sourced with precise attention to excellence in every marketing category. We've worked hard with each partner to provide our customers the best possible pricing for the highest quality products and services.

How often can I connect with my consultant?

Your subscription includes two 30-minute voice calls per month with your consultant. In addition, you’ll enjoy unlimited in-app messaging, document sharing and order fulfillment support.

What’s included in a typical marketing plan?

The marketing plan will include a summary of your marketing challenges and business opportunities that were discussed during the initial call along with recommended business objectives and supporting tactics. Tactics will be comprised of marketing products fulfilled by our vendor partners.

Can we work with my smaller budget and still see success?

Yes. By working smarter and applying our decades of marketing know-how, we can recommend marketing solutions that are sensitive to smaller budgets typical of smaller businesses. Typically, our customers spend between $5,000 and $10,000 ANNUALLY. Don't freak out, that's only between $1500 and $2500 a quarter.

The question to ask yourself is, how many new customers does it take to cover that budget? In those terms, I think you'll be shocked at how well you can handle it. Our goal is to be so effective that your budget is paid for by the acquisition of new customers. That's typically how it's done. In fact, our goal is to bring in more customers than you spend to get them, and to increase your profits considerably.

How long does a typical order take to complete?

It depends on the marketing tactic we’re executing. In general, creative development for most projects can take a week. Possibly longer if we’re talking about a more involved project. Your consultant can advise you on turnaround times prior to beginning any marketing initiative to ensure that it is delivered on timeline you need.