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Turning up the wattage in our lighting business with Ad Giants.

Ad Giants Customer

This is John Alban

Founder of Envirolume

Business Overview



Johnny has a rich career in Landscaping, Lighting, and Holiday Decor. Armed with a clear vision for the category and how to separate himself from the multitudes of competition, he founded Envirolume.

What started with single residential installments quickly led to commercial-level installments, and has now progressed into multi-state designs and installations.


• Solid work ethic but had very basic branding to start with

• Needed a way to grow his residential business into more commercial installations

• Was getting bogged down dealing with state regulations

• Needed someone to offload the marketing task to and free up his time

Tactics & Final Product

Below are just a few examples of executions we created based on the marketing plan.

Ad Giants

New Logos, Business Cards, Stickers, etc.

Sales & Event Materials

Ad Giants
Ad Giants

New Website with Analytics, SEO, and eCommerce


Ad Giants stepped up to fill a gap and assume a critical role in his business without having to pay for an expensive CMO to manage his advertising. Our weekly involvement has grown far past just a "vendor relationship" and is more in line with a true business partnership. Johnny has celebrated having people with decades of business expertise help him avoid mistakes and grow from his undying passion for excellence.

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