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Breathe easier with our Covid-Buster Business Refresher strategy!

Direct Mail isn't dead.

Most just do it wrong.

An opinion from David Farmer | CEO of Ad Giants


We're all so quick to shove traditional ideas to the side for the sake of innovation. When sometimes, you can take proven tactics and re-create them using a twist or two. That's the hidden idea behind new direct mail sales funnels. Direct mail in the original form had it's hayday for sure. But then, our mailboxes became so crammed, we coined the phrase "junk mail" for good reason. Like most things, people take it too far, spoil it, and then it's on to the next big thing.

Then came "variable printing" where we could "personalize" each direct mail piece to the person we send it to. And when websites came along, car dealerships, hotels, and a slew of other destination points started combining landing pages with personal URL's, called Purl's. (Personalized URL) That had a good run, but again, eventually showed a decline in use, although it lasted much longer than others.

Taking Purl's one step further

With the onset of doing everything we can to get a persons attention, there's one thing we all respond to extremely well, and that's a package. You get a dimensional delivery, in a padded envelope or box, and there's NO WAY you're not going to open it. The open and conversion rates for these are off the charts when coupled with great creative around. That's what we do at Ad Giants. (we even hold the patent for Purl processes)

Here's a small sample of a campaign we did to solicit a "virtual tour" for one of our customers.


Getting the best target list.

We have 5 different partners for the best lists in America. Now, a campaign like this is only as good as the people you send it to. Again, this is the Ad Giants difference. Based on customer input, we created the ideal profile of their perfect target, and narrowed it down to zip codes within a set circumference of their locations.

Then, we applied the demographic filters that again, characterized the ideal potential customer, and our team researched every target to confirm the list even further using Google Earth and other online search tools. Once the list was compiled, we knew with certainty that our target list was verified for every single aspect of their ideal customer. 

Metrics for success. Based on the size of the mailing, if the customer received 2 tours, they considered it a huge success. Needless to say, we far exceeded that number. Great creative, combined with a powerful use of direct mail delivers predictive results.

We can do the same for all of your Chamber members, led with a great strategy and veteran advertising expert, all at prices everyone can afford. Too good to be true? Check us out and you'll see how Ad Giants can empower your entire Chamber today!

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