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We do everything from cleaning windows to construction jobs.


This is Mat Woolsey

Founder | Chore-ology


We branded Chore-ology with a new logo and website to elevate their brand perception. Check out their full website here.


"While actively perusing the web for the key to small business advertising, I stumbled upon Ad Giants, a fitting name for a powerhouse in advertising talent. Skeptical at first, I discovered a business I can't do without.


Our Ad Giant brings big league credentials to the small business scene and it's clear at first meeting he knows what he's doing. He and his team worked closely with us to design our logo, build our website, and created a myriad of hand deliverable advertisements to help us launch our small business. For a very reasonable rate, Ad Giants' team made us visible and put willing and ready clients at our doorstep. In a matter of 45 to 60 days we went from very intermittent work to booked out two weeks in advance. Wow!! Could not be more grateful for his expertise and hard work."

Business Overview



Mat and his wife Anastasia have rich backgrounds in property management, construction of all sizes and running their own business. Their new business, Chore-ology, was in need of branding and a new model to differentiate them from other general contractors or cleaning services. Together with Ad Giants, we created a unique new model that appeals to residential home owners and property managers of multi-residential families.


• No branding whatsoever

• Financial model was project-based and limiting 

• Getting their name out to potential targets

• Needed mobile-friendly site

• Needed social media to enhance his customer acquisition 

Tactics & Final Product

Below are just a few examples of executions we created based on the marketing plan

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