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Breathe easier with our Covid-Buster Business Refresher strategy!

There's always a way.

It's not about marketing, it's about solving problems.

An opinion from David Farmer | CEO of Ad Giants


Chambers and Associations are facing many of the same problems their membership are dealing with, survival. And the scary thing is, that's no exaggeration! But we're not telling you anything you don't already know. So allow me to add some perspective that can help.


During this past year, and actually persisting today, we're all dealing with the need to somehow "find a new way" for our businesses to not just thrive, but to survive. The same holds true for you. You need dues, events, participation and growth to generate actual value back to those who depend on you. It's a circular problem that feels like it can't be solved...but everything's possible.

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Here's a great article addressing this very issue facing Chamber leadership every day.

Here's how we can help you.

We know you're hit with marketing people and firms all of the time! That makes it very hard for us to break through, gain your interest and trust us enough to hear our story. We don't just help you and your members create websites, logos, marketing materials. Sure, those things are important, but what we excel at is SOLVING BUSINESS PROBLEMS! We think differently.

You and your members can receive unparalleled input from strategic consultants with decades of advertising experience, who begin with the real-life challenges you all have, and then create a plan that will actually work, even in the times of this darn pandemic! This isn't some bait and switch. Our mission is to help businesses who struggle to find a way, to think differently and to overcome these hardships. And we do it very well, and the strategic part is actually FREE!

Take a meeting with us, let us prove your preconceived notions wrong. I guarantee we will. We're not here to "harvest your list or prey upon your members," we're here to truly add unique perspective and solve problems.

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