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If people seek you out at parties to get your advice, we want to talk to you too.

We're looking for account service people with over 15 years of agency experience. Pretty hard and fast rule, but if you're an exceptional strategist with strong management skills, take a shot.

Ad Giants

Your very own agency, without all the hassle of getting customers.

Yup, you heard right.

Have you ever dreamed of having your own gig that you control, and you actually make the big bucks because you're the boss? Well, so did we, so we built Ad Giants.

We took an entire industry and turned it on its head to stack the deck in favor of the customers and the people who provide the actual work. Our financial model and fulfillment partners put you at the helm, in charge of your destiny. We train you and provide the customers you need to put together a pretty nice lifestyle. 

Ad Giants

So, how's this work you ask?

• Customers are subscription-based and we acquire them.

• You get $30 per subscribed customer, per month.

• For every marketing tactic you recommend that a customer purchases, you get a 25% commission on the net revenue.

• We also offer Health Insurance

• Great earnings potential. You'll be pleasantly surprised...

• Training and support from

Ad Giants.

Ad Giants

We took a very complex collection of processes and streamlined it.

You can take on as many customers as you think you can manage. But remember, customer success is paramount at all costs. Ad Giants was built entirely by advertising veterans. After two years of intense Beta discovery and trial, we've perfected this new application of marketing services.


Our customers engage entirely through a Smartphone App, and you connect with them the same way, but you also have a powerful dashboard/platform to manage each customer and every aspect of your agency business. 

Training that hones your customer management skills the Ad Giants way.


Ad Giants

Establish Expertise

The "First Call" with your new customer sets the stage for the entire relationship and their future spending with us.

Ad Giants

Build Trust

Nothing builds trust faster than demonstrating your strategic thinking and proving their success is your only goal.

Ad Giants

Follow Through

Talk is cheap, it all comes down to execution. We give you the tools and processes to deliver and "show them the..."

Movie images and references are for entertainment purposes only and in no way endorses Ad Giants or Ad Giants services. Images are the property of said distribution companies.


Book time with a Giant.

We need real ad veterans, people who've been there, done that. Specifically, account service folks. We love creatives, but unless you've managed your own agency, we're looking for business strategists.

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