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Breathe easier with our Covid-Buster Business Refresher strategy!

It's pretty obvious.

*People are sick of marketing.

An opinion from David Farmer | CEO of Ad Giants


Stop to think about how many times you're bombarded daily with people trying to get your attention and sell you something. It's ridiculous, and people will actually go out of their way to block you. Why wouldn't they, it's called "mental preservation!" But when you run a business, that overwhelming reality has made success so much harder. (Thanks Captain Obvious) So, what's this big opinion Mr. Marketing guy?

It's actually quite simple. 

Be better people. As an owner, your employees, your vendors, and everyone that represents your brand. There are fundamental things in life we all should being nice. We all want to do business with people who are nice, funny, and just easy to be around. I'm not suggesting telling everyone whom you work with to slap a smile on their faces, what I'm saying is, make sure you have/hire the right personalities! It's easy to hire super smart people with big-time credentials, but if they're a total drip with crappy interpersonal skills, who cares?

Allow me to break this down even further...

Retail Businesses

Sales and counter people are your lifeblood. Sure, what you sell is important, but it's way more important that the people who engage your customers are totally awesome. Sincere, friendly, smart, and people with a keen eye for detail. That means they listen to customers and that helps to serve them better. They remember names, they aren't pushy, they know each customer each time they come in, and they give the customer their card if by any chance the customer ever needs something at a moment's notice.


The Nordstrom Effect

I was once in San Diego on business, screwed up a shirt I needed and it was 11 PM at night. My meeting was at 8:30 AM the next morning. I took a chance and called my Nordstrom guy in my city, left a message, and got a text the next morning at 5 AM that I was to swing by the San Diego location, knock on such and such door, and someone would meet me with the shirt that I needed. Sure enough, I swang by, knocked and a cool guy walked out with my shirt in tow, and told me I could pay for it when I got back to Dallas! Who does that? Will I be a customer for life? Absolutely!

What can you do?

It costs 3X to acquire a new customer than it does to keep one. That's an actual fact. Now, my headline is slightly misleading, we all still need marketing, but in my opinion, not to the level that most preach. The basics still work extremely well. Digital this and that, it's confusing and it's overkill in many cases. At Ad Giants, we always start with the assumption that your business has either no marketing budget or extremely limited budgets. We do that for good reason, it makes us think harder and requires you to think harder along with us.

Anyone can pile on expensive and complicated systems and technology. Some of it we recommend and it works great, but for the right businesses. Not everyone! Your best chance at growing your customer base walks into your businesses every day. They're your current customers. And a strategy to ask them to help you build your base is more simple than you think. (Not just talking about a referral program) There's no "one size fits all" solution here, that's why with Ad Giants, we listen, understand, and in most cases have worked specifically in your business space. And we've had great success. So, we're not a bunch of yahoo's pulling stuff out of our "you know what" just to make a sale. With us, it's easy, if you don't grow, neither do we. That's because we're month-to-month, so we're mighty incentivized to move your needle!

Getting new customers is easier than you might think, even with the current world of mass marketing we all face. People are tired, they want honesty, a fair price, and some nice people to work with. Period. From there, it's all gravy. Learn more about how and why we think differently (even though everyone says they do). Because at Ad Giants, it starts and ends with your success...for real!

*Try the Ad Giants way

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