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We've embraced the challenges of redefined families.

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This is Karen Malone Wright

Founder of The Not Mom

Business Overview


Karen is an accomplished Public Relations expert with a stellar career, driven by her tireless work ethic. The Not Mom is a distinctive resource of news, commentary, and connections for the growing community of women without children. Living in Mom-centered environments, they are not Moms, by choice, or by chance.

One of every six American women are childfree or childless, and nations around the world report comparably historic numbers, yet many of them feel isolated, accommodated, or overlooked.


• New branding starting with the logo

• New Website that's interactive to promote involvement and sharing

• Event planning support materials and ideas

• National exposure strategy

Tactics & Final Product

Below are just a few examples of executions we created based on the marketing plan.

New Logos, Business Cards, Stickers, etc.

Sales & Event Materials

New Website with Analytics, and SEO


The Not Mom and Karen have been featured in print, broadcast and digital outlets across the US and UK, with numerous articles produced about her efforts with her team. She's also attracted attention globally with this very important resource for women. Ad Giants has enjoyed our involvement and assistance to her cause, helping her to bring her original and powerful ideas and thoughts to life.


Karen is one of the best examples of why we created Ad Giants!

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