Buddy's Extreme Board School

Extreme snowboarding for everyone.

The Business Model.

Buddy sets himself apart by being the best school for extreme sports enthusiasts looking to take their abilities to the next level.


Buddy has won numerous awards in the extreme sports category. He's now in his late 30's and cannot perform to the level he once did, but he loves the sport and wants to share his knowledge with others. He has great teaching skills.

Buddy is located in Lake Tahoe and is able to teach a good portion of the year. He attracts people from all over the world to his camp.

• Buddy is 39 years old

• His wife is part of the business

• They have one child

• He has no company debt

• He is the most expensive camp around

• Their goal is to sell out in 5 years

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Marketing Plan


Buddy has had a great career. He's a leader in his sport and looked up to by many. He has multiple endorsement contracts that are slowly running out. The change in his physicality and ability to dominate in an intensely physical sport has taken its toll with numerous injuries. Because of this, and because of his dedication to his future and family, Buddy wants to protect against falling prey to the typical sports management buzzards who want to take advantage of his fame and leave him to wither.

Thankfully, Buddy saw this coming and began a quest to build a meaningful and prosperous business where he can leverage his past skills to give back to the sport he loves. His only weakness has been his marketing ability to take it from 'just okay' to a level worthy of an eventual payday.


After carefully examining his marketing assets and past efforts, we have concluded that the following tactics will prove very beneficial to Buddy reaching his goals.

Logo Refinement   $350.00

This package will take the current logo and refine it and evolve it to a more professional level indicative of the branding his stature is worthy of. Includes all applications of the logo.

Website   $1,500.00

Create and launch an "event-driven" website that features his camp schedules and activities. Strongly integrate social media to extend the sharing possibilities of his site. Optimize SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to increase ranking in Google and other search engines. Add a Podcast into the site to promote his thought leadership and couple that to a solid YouTube Channel.

MicroInfluencer Program    $750

By utilizing a "micro-influencer program" Buddy can now leverage the following of several accomplished and visible influencers in the sport to attract new potential clients. Our partners at Smartfluence have incredible software that can drill down to the most relevant people that can promote and deliver new customers to Buddy.

Social Media | Monthly   $250

A managed service that prepares and updates all social media content in your key sites. Our partner analyzes your business goals and applies that to a comprehensive social media plan.

FREE Advice

• Given the stature of Buddy, he can connect with local news and press through free public relations that we can engage him with. This will make him the "go-to expert" in the local news for anything snowboarding, and make his brand a household name.

• Buddy can go to all local ski shops within a 200-mile radius of his camp to introduce himself, hand out VIP invitations, and create solid relationships with local ski shop owners. That way, his name will be top of mind for these shops.

Competitive Pricing

The numbers below reflect an industry average based on a high-quality level and high production standards. If Buddy were to go elsewhere, for the same quality, he can expect this level of cost.

Logo Design   $1,000+

The same level of design experience​. You can obviously go to sites like Fiverr, but you have to manage it and filter through all of the bids and people, and the talent is often very questionable, often using clip art.


Website   $5,000.00+

Same functionality, the same level of design, and experience creating the new site.

Influencer Program   $2,500+

Again, doing it yourself means effort, higher pricing, and managing the process yourself.

Social Media Management  $1,500.00+/mo.

There are plenty of solutions out there with varying degrees of cost and involvement, but to match what we deliver, this is an average cost to expect.

Total Cost outside of Ad Giants  $10,000+

And that's just for these few items, it doesn't take into account the remainder of your year or the full deployment of an annual marketing plan. For less than this, you can typically manage your entire year of marketing with Ad Giants!

Predictive  Success.

Buddy is a smart, outgoing, and resilient person. His passion for the sport is unparalleled. By executing the plan above, this will start a solid process of success for his business, and together, Ad Giants and Buddy will work together to build towards his exit plan.

Marketing is a process, not an event. It takes a consistent approach to connecting with potential customers through the most viable and meaningful channels. Ad Giants is committed to working individually with every client and customizing each plan based on decades of proven experience deploying plans and tactics that generate real results, all at prices anyone can afford.

*This is a sample plan for demonstration purposes only. While the information presented closely represents a current customer, we have presented it here to show how we isolate the core business goals and present a focused plan of attack to reach those goals in the most prudent and cost-effective way.

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