Battles are won with great strategies.

COVID-19 launched a serious and unforeseen attack on businesses of all shapes and sizes, leaving owners desperate for help. We've created powerful strategies for your business to fight back!

To fight back with a solid plan, we all need to think differently.

The pandemic has affected every business in a unique way. Overwhelmingly, each business has felt negative shockwaves, sending customers reeling with anxiety and fears.  Well, fear not! Ad Giants has heard your cries for help.

So how can we help?

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How do customers really see you?

As obvious as that sounds, today, that means thinking like your customer and factoring in hesitancy and fear. It's time, more than ever, to look at your business through their eyes.

  • Can you sell the same way?

  • Will your landlord allow you to try options?

  • Can you give another purchase option?

  • Can you re-motivate your customers?

Waiting In Line

Who R U?

It's going to take extra elbow grease.

To make this new world order work, at least for now, we're going to have to think way outside the box. The good news is, most restrictive situations are often ripe for opportunity.

  • Can you present your services or product in a new way?

  • Can we double sales while cutting customer count in half?

  • Is inventory a big issue for success?



You need marketing and a business expert.

With Ad Giants, you get much more than a marketing pro, true advertising experts know how to attack a problem from very creative angles. Your "business challenge" is likely a bigger marketing challenge.

  • Is your business model optimized?

  • Can we leverage other business strengths?

  • Are there new ideas you've been wanting to launch but haven't yet?

  • Can we leverage co-op partners?

  • Can we take certain things online?

Just register for free and ask your expert about this program!

Getting started is free! Start marketing smarter today.

The marketing expert in your pocket.


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